Merton: Chat Roulette Piano Improv

Ich habe über Chat Roulette ja schon eine Wörter verloren (Teil 1 & Teil 2), doch das hier bedarf keiner weiteren langen Beschreibung. Guckt es euch an und zwar bis zum Ende! Am 11. März hatte Merton das Video hochgeladen, zwei Tage habe ich es beobachtet und inzwischen sind hat es bereits 1.395.537 Klicks auf YouTube!


Seine Beschreibung vom Video:

Your host, Merton, freestyling in real-time with random strangers on Chat Roulette.
To answer some viewer questions:
No piano lessons, Merton is self-taught.
Not Ben Folds. Seriously. Ben is a much better pianist, and listen to the voice on the „Man in the Dark“ part – totally not his voice at all. Besides, wouldn’t Ben cover more of his face to disguise his identity?
More videos coming…

NACHTRAG: Video aktualisiert. Folgendes schrieb Merton auf YouTube:

This is a new, edited version of the original Video #1. I had to make some changes in order for YouTube to be happy with it.
My apologies to all of the subscribers for being summoned here just to see a repeat post, but there was no way around it.
For the record, the original video had 4,238,658 Views. At the time of its demise, it was the Top-Rated YouTube Video of All Time. No shit.
I will be posting Video #2 very soon, and thank you all so much for your support.